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FRETUS Fifo dispenser set

With the Fretus Fifo dispenser set, Bereila offers a universal solution for homemade sauces and dressings by using refillable bottles. The FRETUS Fifo dispenser ensures smooth, hygienic and constant portioning of sauces and dressings. 

Ideal portioning

Refillable bottles are ideal for use with homemade sauces and dressings, and products that you want to portion in several places from a wholesale package. Ideal for use in a snack bar, restaurant kitchen, sandwich bar or any other location where snacks, salads and sandwiches are prepared. The refillable bottle is convenient, portions easily and consistently and can be quickly refilled or changed. 

 The FRETUS dispenser set for refillable bottles is available for 2, 3 and 4 Fifo bottles and is delivered as a complete set. The Fifo bottles are available with a volume of 592 ml or 710 ml. Extra Fifo bottles can also be ordered in sets of 6 or 12.

Maximum ease of use

The FRETUS Fifo dispenser is simple, smooth and supple to use. You can portion sauces with a simple hand movement without always having to squeeze and shake the bottle. 

The standard portion quantity is 18 ml. You can adjust the portion quantity to 5 and 10 ml with the optional plunger set. The refillable bottles can be topped up quickly and easily, which is a big advantage of the refillable Fifo bottle. 

Orderly and hygienic

The FRETUS Fifo dispenser set gives the refillable bottles a place on your buffet or worktop. 

Bottles are no longer left lying around but are kept tidy, clean and ready to use in the attractive Bereila holder. The FRETUS Fifo dispenser is quick and easy to clean. The same applies to the Fifo bottles. Both the dispensers and the bottles meet the NSF criteria. 

The advantages of the FRETUS Fifo dispenser:

Easy, smooth operation

Consistent portion control

Easy to refill and change

Leakproof and drip-free, clean and hygienic

Sustainable through frequent re-use

Easy and complete disassembly and cleaning

Dishwasher safe (apart from the base plate with holders)

100% food safe

Pumps and bottles are “NSF listed”

More product information

Item code  Description
50002010   Bottle dispenser Fretus, complete kit with 2 FiFo bottles 592 ml
50002012   Bottle dispenser Fretus, complete kit with 3 FiFo bottles 592 ml
50002014   Bottle dispenser Fretus, complete kit with 4 FiFo bottles 592 ml
50002015   Bottle dispenser Fretus, complete kit with 2 FiFo bottles 710 ml
50002017   Bottle dispenser Fretus, complete kit with 3 FiFo bottles 710 ml
50002019   Bottle dispenser Fretus, complete kit with 4 FiFo bottles 710 ml