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FRETUS Tube dispenser kit

Bereila, member of the ASEPT Group, has developed the FRETUS Tube dispenser kit especially for occasions where sauces are dispensed from tube bottles.
Hygienic, user-friendly and portion controlled.

Ideal dispensing

Tube bottles are ideal for the use in fast-service outlets, petrol stations, sports canteens, company restaurants and any other similar situation. They are handy, can be stored well and the user is not tied to any large packaging unit. The FRETUS tube dispenser kit, a complete set of footplate, holders, tube adaptors and FRETUS pumps, is available for 2, 3 and 4 tube bottles.

Maximum ease of use

The FRETUS pump, by ASEPT, is simple, smooth and easy in operation both front-of-house and back-of-house. With a simple movement, the sauces are dispensed without shaking and squeezing bottles. The FRETUS pump empties the tube bottle to a maximum. This increases the yield and reduces the food waste. Good for your economy and for the environment.

Clean and hygienic

The FRETUS Tube dispenser kit offers tube bottles a fixed place on the buffet or in the kitchen. No more bottles lying around, but clean and tidy, ready for use in the stylish holder.

The FRETUS pump is easy to (re-)assemble and easy to clean.

Portion control

The Asept Fretus Pump is designed to fit hanging or standing bottles with various types of connections. It is hygienic, user friendly and gives a fixed portion of sauce or condiment. One press is one portion. The portion size is preset at delivery, but can easily be changed to two other sizes.

The pump fits well both back-of-house, with its quick and accurate portioning, and front-of-house, where the guests appreciate the hygienic and dripless operation. The dripless design of the pump is patented.

All parts are dishwasher-safe. The pump is reusable and has been tested to withstand one million pump strokes.

More product information

The benefits of the FRETUS Tube dispenser:

  • Easy and quick operation
  • Portion control
  • Maximum emptying
  • No-drip, clean and hygienic
  • Easy and complete disassembly and cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe (except for foot plate)
  • 100% Food Grade materials