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Gastronorm NEOdis dispensers

The standard of quality

The Bereila Gastronorm dispensers have been especially designed for the professional kitchen and buffets. They are made to dispense and serve hot and cold sauces from Gastronorm containers.

Trusted quality

The Gastronorm series is fitted as standard with the Bereila NEOdis dispenser, the highest quality sauce dispenser in the Bereila range. Made of stainless steel, including the pump casing. Solidly built and durable, and with a 36-month manufacturer’s warranty!

User-friendly and hygienic

Featuring outstanding ease of use and maximum efficiency. The Bereila Gastronorm dispensers are light and easy to operate. The pumps are easy to disassemble and quick and easy to clean.

Ample choice

The Bereila Gastronorm dispensers are available as standard for containers GN 1/3, GN 1/4 and GN 1/6. You can choose a depth of 150mm or 200mm. The Gastronorm dispensers are available with the outflow on the side or in the middle of the broader side. The professional quality matching Gastronorm containers are of course also available from Bereila.

More product information

Advantages of the Bereila Gastronorm dispensers

  • Easy, smooth operation
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Easy to completely disassemble and clean
  • Robust and solidly-built high quality product
  • 36-month warranty on NEOdis dispensers