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Unheated Sauce Bar with BCMK push button dispenser

The quality of the original

The original Bereila Sauce Bar has for many years been a widely used system for portioning hot and cold sauces such as mustard, ketchup, curry sauce and of course peanut sauce.

The Sauce Bar is highly suitable for snack bar and fast food operations, but certainly also for restaurants, company canteens and numerous other locations where food is prepared.

Tried and tested quality

The Bereila Sauce Bar is made of stainless steel and high-quality materials and components.

The system is robust and solidly built. That adds up to a long life cycle, outstanding ease of use and maximum efficiency.

The unheated Bereila Sauce Bar

The unheated Sauce Bar is also available in a model with no fewer than four sauce containers. The unheated Sauce Bar is supplied with the high quality NEOdis dispensers, but is also available with the Bereila BCMK push-button dispensers.


More product information

The benefits of the Bereila Sauce Bar

  • Sauces stay fresh and tasty for longer
  • Adjustable and constant portion size (NEOdis)
  • Easy, smooth operation
  • Dispensers can be dismantled easily and completely
  • Dispensers and containers can be properly cleaned quickly
  • Robust and solidly-built high quality product